Warp Art Studio provides a professional commission based painting service, catering for whole armies all the way down to single miniatures. The schemes can be as specific or rough as you want, or even just give us a theme and let us try out a few ideas!

We understand in life you don't have the time to do everything, especially to the levels you want, but instead what if you could place your models in the hands of someone who will produce the look you want in a fraction of the time and be included from start to finish?

What if we could paint the basic units in your army to a decent standard and leave you to enjoy the heroes and more interesting units?

These are common problems we solve every day for our customers and while not every project is problem free there is a reason we maintain good reviews!

We paint miniatures from all game systems, from a basic tabletop quality all the way up to display standard at very competitive prices!
Have a quick look at our rough pricing guide, contact us and then we can figure out a budget and finish level that suits you!

Do you play the games yourself?
Alot of the inspiration and passion we get for building and painting miniatures comes from a life long love of the hobbies and games, and when there aren't projects on the go there is often a game.

This gives me the fuel i need, and the desire to provide you with something you are going to cherish for years to come.

Examples of previous work?
Feel free to take a look at my projects, old and new, these can provide you with a few ideas of the sorts of models you could expect to own yourself. Some of which you've probably even seen some of my work before and not even realised, some are still featured on the forgeworld site! Included above are links to my Social media pages where you can flick through current projects.