I am the main artist and owner of Warp Art Studio, and will be the main contact for any commission work done with us.

I got into miniature games from a fairly young age and chances are if you pick one I've played it, and if i haven't my mates will be getting me into it soon. From this i got into the artwork side of things, first of all with brushwork and then moving onto airbrush.

Over the years I have acquired more experience, gaining a range of tools and skills for my trade, and its during this time that i started to get requests for commissions, which seemed to just go from casual to full-time overnight.

My Studio

This is my much loved studio where you'll find me, often to the early hours, producing commissioned pieces... finding inspiration for new work and new painting techniques.

Most people who have been following our journey at Warp Art Studio know this is a fairly recent development in 2015, before that the office was very much home based and although the operation a fairly similar size it was a case of finding somewhere suitable to take our business forward.

With this came more space to play with both providing photography area to better capture our miniatures, a spray booth... and of course an 8x4ft apocalypse size display board (most definitely not used for games, cough cough).

My Inspiration

At Warp Art Studio we take an awful lot of inspiration and passion for our work in the games we've played, and those we still do.

We have a group of friends both coming from commission painting backgrounds, lives outside work who share our fondness for playing and still take the occasional trip to Warhammer World and game events to play.

A few themes of specific interest this year have been Warhammer 30k (some serious apocalypse sized games), Guild Ball and Maulifaux.

Some of our inspiration can be taken from previous projects, what we liked and new idea's we would like to try out. Some of the commissions we have taken on this year have been challenging... both in size and complexity and so far we've had nothing but happy customers!